Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Official American Idol iPhone App Lacks Text, But Provides Bios, Videos, MyRanking And More

It is rather disappointing that the first official American Idol iPhone application has launched just in time to watch the final 13 round in season 8, but lacks the ability to text for casting votes directly from the app - a key "must-have" feature that die-hard fans are likely to notice almost immediately.  
The American Idol application is available today for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone for $1.99 and provides bios, news and behind-the-scenes videos of the contestants. However, users who want to access the videos of the recent performances are redirected to a link to iTunes for downloading the music for an additional $.99!  Zumobi, who is building the application in collaboration with FreeMantleMedia Enterprises, 19 Entertainment and Fox,  plans to allow "Text" in a future version of the app.

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1 comment:

deccandude said...

V Cool but I am surprised that despite their popular text vote format, American Idol app has no text support.