Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Just Published: MoovieSurf Android App for easily searching for movies

The MoovieSurf Android app allows users to quickly search for movies.

It allows the user to do a "live list" search for a movie within a movies network given a search term such as "the", "man", "furious", etc. or for a specific movie name.
"Live list" search means the list is updated as the user types.

If the search term or movie is found, it displays a list of movie thumbnail images along with the movie title and the year released in a card layout.

If the user selects a movie from the displayed list, then a detailed description of the movie, including the movie cast, critics score, user score, rating and the runtime for the movie is provided. A synopsis or description of the movie is also provided if available.

You can download the FREE MoovieSurf Android app which is available in the Google Play store from http://bit.ly/1WRYcY1.
Try out the MoovieSurf app, rate it and add a review!  Feel free to add any comments :)

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